Why can’t I have a pet Teemo :,c

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Hahaha..sorry… One day I’ll become stronger than all this..

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I’m sorry people but I really have to let this personal shit off of my chest… I really thought you were my friend, but
the truth is I never had anyone that truly understood me or wanted to in my entire lifetime. As time continues to pass on, I’ve realized that I am barely strong enough to manage to lead a decent life alone. It sucks sometimes yes, but not all people are meant to have close human relations. I have been through a lot in my entire life time, especially in my childhood, and I have learned at a young age, that the only one that you could really ever trust is yourself. I was silly for thinking that I ever had friends. The illusions that I had as “friends” only ended up stabbing me in the back. They never cared… Only cared about their own selfs and what they could have gained off of me. Nobody ever really took the time to know me except for one….and that makes me very sad… I don’t think I’m that much of a bad person? Oh well… C’est la vie?

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greatkenji: Do you still like Bible Black? What's your favorite character and why? 

Yesss!! :D 

And my favorite has to be Reika Kitami because she’s an evil bitch<333 And just look at dem titties!!!!

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Finally haz a laptop again. Let’s hope this third one doesn’t fucking go so quick >.>

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Why the fuck do you have a pumpkin on your head Vishnal?! O.o

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Feeling vulnerable and lonely… worst feelings ever.

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oh god found my new favorite band <3 T.T

her voice is like chocolate.         

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enfewnfckjknccbno WHAT. Why you do dis?

I can’t even. New girl crush. 

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