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Things just got way too weird. Just nope. I need a break from life.

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I am seriously girl crushing over Alex. I swear if she’s not in season two. AGDYGDHUAINCRGHH.

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really not needed..

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I love Nicky.<3 Hes my autistic turtwig penguin.

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twatsterholmes-deactivated20130: Hi! I randomly found your blog and I love it. You got some cool stuff and I'm totally stalking you and reblogging so much I hope you don't think I'm creepy. And I agree with you about Zimmerman. Btw I don't recommend that you check out my blog cause I'm a huge biatch. But I'm a nice person I swear! Anyways, stay cool. 

Muahaha it’s all good. I love creepers! :3 And at least someone with common sense can see my point! XD Thank you darling. Followed.

Much love<3

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ifrah34: you're really dumb did overweight man need protection from a minor dumbass 

It doesn’t matter if he was a minor or not. He ATTACKED the man for fucks sake. GZ had every right to do what he did.

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I really just have to say that I am pleased with the verdict in the Trayvon/Zimmerman trial.

Yes, it is unfortunate that someone had to die, but someone was going to die that night regardless. At the end of the day, doing your fucking JOB is not a crime. Following someone is not a crime. Regarding someone as suspicious and calling the police is not a crime. Carrying a gun for personal protection is not a crime. Assaulting someone is. And Trayvon paid the ultimate price for that.


Now leave the poor fucking guy alone and let this bullshit drop. People die every fucking day.

P.S. I know most people will not agree with me but I really don’t fucking care. && Feel free to send me hate messages.



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